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Bullish chart trends for grain and hog futures

Find updates to our short-term, intermediate- and long-term trends for commodity and key outside markets.

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Strong cotton sales and shipments to wrap up May

Old-crop corn sales topped expectations, while new-crop sales were right in line with what the market expected. Exports of the grain held above 2 MMT.

Talks underway between Argentine government and livestock producers regarding export ban on beef

Argentina’s Agroindustrial Council (CAA) issued a statement today saying Argentine meat producers will continue to hold talks with the government with the goal of lifting a one-month suspension on exports of beef.

Rains have little to no impact on Northern Plains drought

On the High Plains, temperatures were cool and rain fell, but that did little to change drought conditions in the region.

MarketWatch | June 3, 2021

Our updated monthly and quarterly price forecasts

Chinese dairy sector trying to expand rapidly to meet surging demand

While dairy operations are working to expand, finding millions of more cows is challenging, feed costs are high and both land and water are scarce.

Brazil minister warns efforts to ensure hydroelectric power will disrupt movement on Parana River

Yesterday, Brazil’s Infrastructure Minister Tarcisio de Freitas said efforts to save water and direct it to power generation will inevitably disrupt navigation on the Tiete-Parana waterway.