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First Thing Today | September 26, 2022

Outside markets and global economic concerns weighed on grain and soy markets overnight.

Cattle on Feed Report mostly neutral

Both placements and marketings were near the top end of pre-report estimates.

First Thing Today | September 23, 2022

Outside markets weighed heavily on the grain and soy complex overnight as the U.S. dollar strengthened to a fresh 20-year high and front-month crude oil dropped to near $80.00.

Beef, pork stocks imply strong demand

The smaller-than-normal rise in frozen meat stocks came despite hefty monthly increases in beef and pork production, implying demand was strong and outpaced supplies.

Drought expands, intensifies across HRW areas

Drought conditions expanded and intensified in HRW areas of the Plains over the past week.

First Thing Today | September 22, 2022

Winter wheat markets and corn futures are mildly favoring the downside after two-sided trade overnight, while soybeans and spring wheat are mixed.

Midweek Cash Markets | September 21, 2022

Boxed beef, pork cutout prices facing heavy pressure.

Fed continues aggressive fight against inflation

Fed appears willing to risk a recession as it tries to tame inflation.