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Russian Sabre Rattling Continues | January 13, 2022

Omicron strikes another Chinese port city, the White House sanctions North Korea and China sets optimistic domestic soybean production target...

Ahead of the Open | January 13, 2022

Wheat futures expected to extend declines as USDA's higher acreage, corn and soybeans also lower.

Soyoil export sales hit marketing-year low

Soybeans, wheat and soymeal within expectations

First Thing Today | January 13, 2022

Soybean futures pulled back from Wednesday’s gains overnight, while corn and wheat faced followthrough selling.

Midweek Cash Markets | January 12, 2022

Boxed beef prices strengthened over the past week, while the cash cattle price weakened.

After the Bell | January 12, 2022

Soybeans climb after USDA lowers South American crop forecasts more than expected, wheat futures drop on higher seedings.

PF Report Reaction: USDA report data relatively mild for corn and soybeans

The wheat market had the biggest reaction to the data as winter wheat seedings topped expectations, while U.S. and global wheat ending stocks increased from last month.

USDA lowers global corn, soybean and cotton carryout numbers

Increases U.S. corn, soybean and wheat carryout