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First Thing Today: Followthrough pressure overnight amid heightened risk aversion, month-end selling

Grain and soy complex futures were part of a broader selloff overnight.

First Thing Today: Wheat leads overnight price recovery

HRS and HRW futures led the rebound from last Friday's sharp losses as concerns with the new Omicrop strain of Covid eased.

First Thing Today: Grain, livestock markets expected to face pressure from global risk-off trade after Thanksgiving

Concerns about a new, heavily mutated variant of Covid-19 produced high anxiety among traders overnight, as global stock markets and oil prices plunged, while bonds surged (yields dropped) amid heavy risk-off trade.

First Thing Today: Another round of new contract highs in winter wheat futures

Grain and soy markets are trading higher and high-range this morning, led by HRW wheat contracts.

First Thing Today: Coordinated oil reserve release announced

U.S. will release 50 million barrels of oil in a coordinated effort along with releases from strategic reserves by China, India, South Korea, Japan and Great Britain.

First Thing Today: Wheat surges, corn and soybeans quiet to open the week

Winter wheat futures surged to new contract highs overnight, while spring wheat sharply rebounded from last week’s losses amid tight global supplies of high-quality wheat.

Grain, soy futures extend Thursday’s pullbacks overnight

Grain and soy complex futures traded both sides of unchanged overnight but have softened to a weaker tone and session lows this morning amid a rise in Covid concerns.

First Thing Today: Wheat paces followthrough buying overnight

Wheat futures led gains, pushing above yesterday’s highs, while corn and soybean futures did not clear Tuesday’s highs.