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Frosts and freezes for the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains over the holiday weekend

Temperatures dipped below freezing over Memorial Day weekend in the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains, raising questions about slowed development and the possibility some replanting will be needed.

First Thing Today | June 1, 2021

Frosts/freezes over the holiday weekend have grain and soy futures soaring to start the week.

Buttigieg: Time’s Running Out for Infrastructure Deal

Jobs report Friday may be key signal of Fed policy ahead

Why Biden’s Massive $6 Trillion Spending Proposals May Not be ‘Dead on Arrival’

Online COOL amendment still being pushed in Senate innovation bill

Believe It or Not: WHIP+ Applications Processed, Decision Memo Pending

Consensus: Hearings needed on livestock pricing issues

After the Bell | May 28, 2021

Quiet Consolidation After Volatile Price Week in Grains, Soybeans

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SovEcon cuts Russian wheat crop forecast, with dryness a rising concern in spring wheat areas

Andrey Sizov, head of SovEcon, says, “Spring weather conditions were favorable for the new winter wheat crop. However, there is a big question mark over the spring wheat crop now."