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After the Bell | June 23, 2022

December corn tumbles to three-month low on milder Midwest outlook, recession concern; beans and wheat also down sharply.

Market Watch | June 23, 2022

Cash wheat prices plunge.

Canadian Inflation Accelerates | June 23, 2022

Fed Chair Powell warns Fed's efforts to thwart inflation could trigger recession, U.N. working to facilitate Russian fertilizer exports and pork packers are cutting in the red...

Ahead of the Open | June 23, 2022

New-crop corn drops near three-month low on improving weather, soybeans and wheat also lower.

Russian Forces Targeted At Least Two Large Grain Terminals

Powell: Higher interest rates could cause a recession

First Thing Today | June 23, 2022

Mounting recessionary concerns triggered heavy liquidation pressure in the grain and soy markets overnight.

Powell: Fed ‘strongly committed’ to reining in inflation

But he acknowledged that a recession was 'certainly a possibility' given the global situation. Recessionary fears are building with economists.

Midweek Cash Markets | June 22, 2022

Soybean basis continues its recent decline.