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First Thing Today | May 18, 2022

Wheat futures faced heavy price pressure overnight, which pulled corn lower. Soybeans are mixed following two-sided trade overnight.

Gasoline Prices Move Higher | May 18, 2022

Some areas surveyed by Wheat Quality Council labeled 'sparse,' UK consumer prices surge and Fed chair warns of the potential for higher unemployment...

Fed Head Powell Talks Tough on Inflation; Will Continue to Boost Rates Until Inflation Tamed

G7 countries continue to mull options to export grain out of Ukraine

Ahead of the Open | May 18, 2022

Wheat futures expected lower on prospect for Ukraine shipments; corn lower, soybeans mostly firmer.

After the Bell | May 17, 2022

Winter wheat rallies near record highs as U.S. crop ratings slip further; soybeans higher, corn lower.

Ukraine to Restrict Corn Transport via Rail | May 17, 2022

Secretary Vilsack raises concerns over Ukraine's grain storage capacity, Tunisia plans to step up phosphate exports and U.S. gasoline prices tap another record high...

Ahead of the Open | May 17, 2022

Ahead of the Open | May 17, 2022 Wheat futures turn lower on easing concern over India export ban; soybeans firmer, corn weaker

Vilsack: 'Stay Tuned’ As U.S. Dairy Groups Demand Retaliatory Tariffs in Canada Dispute

WHIP+/ERP payment calculation | Bernanke: Fed made waited too long on rate hikes