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See Why Crop Tour Scouts Had a Tough Time Measuring Derecho Damage

As the industry tries to get the scope of damage in Iowa, Pro Farmer editor Brian Grete takes you into a damaged corn field to show viewers why measuring the derecho damage was so difficult this year.

Crop Tour Live: The Pro Farmer Crop Estimate

The Pro Farmer Crop tour scouts have completed their surveys. Now it's time for the official Pro Farmer crop estimate. Watch live at 1:30 Central as Pro Farmer Editor Brian Grete releases the numbers.

Crop Tour: How Far Does Iowa's Drought Stretch?

Scouts on the final leg of the Pro Farmer Crop Tour will be measuring how far drought and storm damage stretches in Iowa and Minnesota.

How Your Local Elevator Works

Cash market expert Angie Setzer sheds light on the local elevator and how it works.

International Year of the Pulses – An Important Crop for India and the World

Pulses are an important source of protein, grow quickly, generate good profits for farmers, and contribute to agricultural and environmental sustainability.