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Rain Falls in Brazil, But Weekend Frost Reminds of Next Threat to the Late-planted Safrinha Corn Crop

Rains were widespread across safrinha corn producing areas of Brazil over the weekend, providing welcome relief to dry conditions.

ISU Economist Says Line Speed Court Ruling Will Slash Pork Processing Capacity by 2.5%

Dr. Dermot Hayes says even with possible mandatory overtime to compensate for lost capacity, the industry will lose 2.5% of overall harvest capacity if the ruling stands, with small producers likely to be hardest-hit.

Judge Shoots Down Effort to Halt Mexico's Bans on GMO Corn and Glyphosate

A Mexican federal judge shot down a request by the National Farm Council to freeze a plan by the Mexican government to ban genetically modified (GMO) corn and the herbicide glyphosate by 2024.

Organic wheat production
HRW CCI Improves, Low Initial Spring Wheat CCI Rating

When USDA’s weekly crop condition ratings are plugged into the weighted Pro Farmer Crop Condition Index, the HRW rating improved while the SRW ratings fell.

Cold Storage Report Confirms Strong Meat Demand

The pork and beef stocks numbers both speak to pent-up consumer demand as Covid-related restrictions ease.

Signal to Noise | May 24, 2021

Chip Flory and Jim Wiesemeyer discuss key policy issues including rural internet connectivity and infrastructure.

Inspections Slide from Last Week’s Strong Showing

Shipments of corn, soybeans and wheat were within expectations.