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Once, Twice, Sold! 80 Acres in Iowa Sold for $22,600 Per Acre, Sets New State Record

The bull-run on Iowa farmland sales continues to play out in August. Less than two weeks after a farm ground sold for $19,000 per acre in Iowa, a new record sale was posted in Iowa Friday of $22,600 per acre.

Pro Farmer Crop Tour: Is the U.S Going to Produce Enough Corn and Soybeans to Keep Pace with Demand?

As Pro Farmer Crop Tour wrapped up this week, scouts saw inconsistency in the West and consistency in the East. With Pro Farmer's projected crop size, Brian Grete and Chip Flory discuss the demand piece of the puzzle.

Crop Tour Scouts Find Eastern Iowa, Southern Minnesota in Dire Need of Rain to Salvage Yields

Scouts saw drought damage instead of derecho devastation in eastern and north-central portions of Iowa on the Pro Farmer Crop Tour this year. Minnesota was much the same, with fields showing clear signs of stress.

Pro Farmer Scouts May Have Found the Garden Spot in Western Iowa Measuring Near Record Yields

Drought dominated headlines in western Iowa last year during the Pro Farmer Crop Tour, and even as drought continues to be the talk of Iowa this year, fields in some portions of the state produced a different tone.

Soybeans Steal the Show in Indiana During Day 2 of Pro Farmer Crop Tour

Fields sprouted the possibiity of big bushels on Tuesday. In Nebraska, scouts saw dryness, but also big potential for soybeans this year. And Indiana's crops also showed potential records in areas of the state.

Crops Continue to Impress in Indiana While Dryness Takes a Toll on Portions of Nebraska

As scouts entered fields in Indiana on Tuesday, the high expectations for the Eastern Corn Belt were reaffirmed. In the West, irrigated fields showed solid soybean counts, but signs of dryness were a noted concern.

The East is a Beast and West is a Wild Card Headlined Pro Farmer Crop Tour in Ohio and South Dakota

As scouts set out on the 2021 Pro Farmer Crop Tour Monday they got a soggy start, a good sign for soybeans in August. While Ohio did not disappoint, South Dakota showed scars from the drought with a mature crop.

Take a Virtual Tour to See What Pro Farmer Crop Tour Scouts Saw in Ohio and South Dakota

It's the tale of two extremes on the first day of Pro Farmer Crop Tour. Heading into the tour, USDA painted an optimistic picture for Ohio, while South Dakota's outlook was grim. See what scouts saw during day 1.