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First Thing Today | December 10, 2021

Wheat futures faced followthrough selling at points overnight but are firmer and trading near session highs in a modest corrective rebound this morning. Corn mildly eased, while soybeans held in their choppy range.

PF Report Reaction: USDA delivers a yawner, as expected

We expected a yawner from USDA this month and that’s exactly what it delivered, aside from wheat – and even that wasn’t a surprise.

Market Watch | December 9, 2021

Big jumps in weekly cash prices for corn and soybeans.

Corn, soybean and wheat export sales improve notably

All three were within the range of pre-report expectations but up sharply from the previous week.

First Thing Today | December 9, 2021

Two-sided trade was seen in the grain and soy markets overnight, but futures are weaker and near session lows this morning.

Midweek Cash Markets | December 8, 2021

Basis for corn and soybeans slipped over the past week but remains positive to futures.

First Thing Today | December 8, 2021

Soybean and soyoil futures faced active followthrough selling overnight, which pulled the rest of the grain and soy markets lower.

December crop reports should be rather uneventful

With no updates to the corn and soybean crop estimates this month, focus will be on changes to demand projections for 2021-22.