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March beef exports record-large for the month; pork exports lagging

Big year-over-year changes in U.S. meat exports through the first quarter driven by shifting Chinese demand.

Market Watch | May 5, 2022

Our updated monthly and quarterly price forecasts, including our first outlooks for the fourth quarter.

EU Looks to Hasten Trade Talks | May 5, 2022

OPEC members open confab today, the 'new-normal' is not as lucrative as some had expected and Yellen highlights ongoing economic risks...

Winter wheat drought footprint unchanged

Rains over the past week failed to improve the overall drought situation for the U.S. winter wheat crop.

White House to Hold Listening Sessions to Combat Hunger and Improve Nutrition

China competition bill heads to conference after Senate votes

Ahead of the Open | May 5, 2022

Wheat futures expected higher on concern over India supply; corn and soybeans follow higher.

Weekly corn exports hit a marketing-year high

Corn export sales were as expected, while old-crop soybean export sales topped expectations.

First Thing Today | May 5, 2022

Wheat futures led price gains overnight amid active followthrough buying to yesterday’s strong gains. Corn and soybeans followed wheat higher.