Reuters: White House delays rulemaking on RFS

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The Biden administration has delayed its annual rulemaking process regarding its biofuel blending mandates under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) for 2021 (2022 for biodiesel), Reuters says in an exclusive report citing two sources familiar with the matter. In a recent Signal to Noise podcast, Emily Skorr, CEO with Growth Energy, commented that she expected (hoped) EPA would issue its preliminary blending mandates in a matter of weeks, with the public comment period signaling the blending targets would need to be released soon if the agency were to meet its Nov. 30 statutory deadline. But she also acknowledged EPA has a lot on its plate.

The Reuters item said the White House had delayed rulemaking as it looked for a solution on the “contentious issue that pits blue-collar refinery workers against the nation's corn farmers.” The report suggests proposed levels would not have set well with either biofuels or refiner stakeholders. The Trump administration also struggled with that balancing act, as there does not seem to be a win-win situation.

Three court decisions the past few months regarding the RFS have bogged down EPA and muddied the waters on the issue.


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