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U.S. exports of pork retreated in July, while beef shipments ramped up

China’s July pork shipments from the U.S. plummeted 62.2% from year-ago.

Heavy rain eases drought in the western Corn Belt

This week’s National Drought Monitor reflected widespread improvement across areas of the Midwest and eastern parts of the Central and Northern Plains in response to beneficial rainfall.

Midweek Cash Markets | September 1, 2021

Corn and soybean basis and cash prices plunged over the past week.

Pro Farmer Crop Tour: Is the U.S Going to Produce Enough Corn and Soybeans to Keep Pace with Demand?

As Pro Farmer Crop Tour wrapped up this week, scouts saw inconsistency in the West and consistency in the East. With Pro Farmer's projected crop size, Brian Grete and Chip Flory discuss the demand piece of the puzzle.

Jerry Gulke: A Tale of Two Crops

“We are fast running out of gas,” says Jerry Gulke. “If we miss these rains, North Dakota and South Dakota probably deteriorates—North Dakota more so. I will be interested to see what Pro Farmer sees.”

2021 Pro Farmer Crop Tour: Answers to Common Questions

In an effort to head-off some of the questions about Crop Tour sampling, here’s our answers to a few “Crop Tour FAQs!”

First Thing Today Audio | July 28, 2021

Sweltering temperatures may spur some sever weather today, Senators near the finish line on physical infrastructure bill and the CDC reinstates mask guidance...

Reuters: White House delays rulemaking on RFS

The Biden administration has delayed its annual rulemaking process regarding its biofuel blending mandates under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) for 2021 (2022 for biodiesel), Reuters says in an exclusive report.