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Waterhemp in soybeans
Tall waterhemp takes no prisoners

There’s only one way for the crops to win, and that’s with the safe and robust crop-protection products that help us keep this terrible weed in check.

GFN: Ignorance is taking away choice

"The Well, the Wealthy, and the Worried are the folks who think they can afford to overlook the incredible benefits of GMOs," writes Bill Horan, an Iowa farmer, in this guest post.

Weather stations, appropriate farm machinery for African farmers needed

In Kenya, farmers can’t spend much time thinking about the UN’s sustainable development goals, let alone striving to meet them, when we don’t have a good sense of whether it will rain next week.

p4 Conservation Funds
GFN: Climate conscious farmers leading the way

Most farmers don’t need an incentive to do the right thing, says guest blogger Gabriel Carballal.

The handshake

More than a year later, we need to get back to normal because we need to start repairing 15 months of broken connections, writes Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel with Global Farmer Network.

International Year of the Pulses – An Important Crop for India and the World

Pulses are an important source of protein, grow quickly, generate good profits for farmers, and contribute to agricultural and environmental sustainability.