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USDA provides some details on animal depopulation/disposal assistance

Livestock and poultry producers who suffered losses during the Covid-19 pandemic due to insufficient access to processing can apply for aid under USDA's Pandemic Livestock Indemnity Program from July 20 to Sept. 17.

Cold Storage Report: Build in frozen pork stocks concerning

Frozen pork stocks stood at 461.14 million lbs. at the end of May, which was a 4.22-million-lb. (0.9%) build from April versus the usual 34-million-lb.-retreat for the month.

Processing resuming at JBS facilities in the U.S. and Australia

The market is breathing a collective sigh of relief that the outage was short-lived.

Ransomware attack with suspected Russian ties downs operations at JBS plants

JBS is the world’s largest meatpacker and it controls around 25% of all U.S. beef capacity and roughly 20% of its hog slaughter capacity.