Members share why they choose Pro Farmer and how it helps their farm.

... very willing to talk to me

“I compared your package with DTN service on a month trial basis. I called DTN to ask for analyst and told me they don’t do that. I called the Pro Farmer customer service number and asked for analyst, they put a guy on the phone and he was very willing to talk to me for a decent amount of time. I really liked that feature and took the MAX package after that!" -Ralph, Illinois

... hit the highest mark of the season

“I've been able to capitalize on the Pro Farmer Alerts. It allowed me to hit the highest mark of the season on Spring Wheat.” -Jim, Montana

... worth every dime

“I used to be a dairy farmer in VT, but took Pro Farmer so I could watch the grain markets, because they indirectly affected the feeding part of my operation. The information was always right on the mark, ahead of what happened, and I think it was worth every dime I invested.  It helped me, and I’d recommend it to every farmer in the country if they want to keep ahead of what is going on in farming.” -John, Florida (retired)

... as accurate as anybody

“I’m real partial to Pro Farmer, they are articulate and to the point and they are about as accurate as anybody as far as I’m concerned.” -Lyle, Nebraska

... helpful in deciding when to sell my grains

"I find it very helpful in deciding when to sell my grains.  It also provides information about congress, the world and other commodities that you don't hear in other outlets." -Susan, Nevada

... has more content

"Compared to other advisory services PF has more content." -Mike, Indiana

... easy to read

"Easy to read format. Not a bunch of other crap on there that can get you distracted." -Josh, Ohio

... information that's not available from other sources

"Excellent advice and information that's not a available from other sources." -Robert, Virginia

... what most producers are looking for

"I find the range of subject matter (production tips, policy updates and market news) to be what most producers are looking for." -Leslie, Iowa

... I have depended on Pro Farmer

"For 40 years I have depended on Pro Farmer to send me in depth news on what's happening in the U.S. and global commodity markets. Always in short easy to digest analysis." -Eugene, Wisconsin

... helps me make marketing decisions

"Good, up to date information.  Even though I’m on the west coast, it helps me make marketing decisions." -Jeff, California

... helps me pay attention to prices

"Helps keep me in the loop of what is moving the markets and helps me pay attention to prices while taking care of the daily tasks on the farm." -Richard, Michigan

... allow me to react quickly to market news

"I am receiving relevant information at least twice daily, and the email alerts allow me to react quickly to market news." -Gary, Indiana

... helps me in marketing & planning for the years ahead

"Your news is timely and accurate and helps me in marketing and planning for the years ahead. Thanks." -Dennis, Missouri

... appreciate the honesty

"I appreciate the honesty in Pro Farmer's reporting." -Kevin, Michigan

... factual, filled with data

"I appreciate the timely ag and international news in morning plus updates as news impacts ag and farming. My favorite and best ag news that is factual, filled with data and seems to be minimally partisan. Trust it!" -G.R., Illinois

... how they may affect the market going forward

"Pro Farmer gives good updates on current market factors and how they may affect the market going forward." -Jeff, Nebraska

... has made the difference in the success of my operation

"I have felt that Pro Farmer has the best people on staff. and the advice I get has made the difference in the success of my operation." -Michael, Minnesota

... would recommend to my friends and family

"I like pro farmer, I like reading the updates on the cattle and grain market report. I feel like I am getting the best advice available to me with Pro Farmer. I would recommend Pro Farmer to my friends and family, their insight is awesome." -Mike, Missouri

... like the daily info

"I like the daily info that you put out.  I follow two other firms as well.  When all three start agreeing then I get a feeling when to be pricing." -Scott, Wisconsin

... I like the macro economic perspective & Washington insight

"I like the macro economic perspective and Washington insight the best. Information that should be in the back of your head when making other decisions." -Dan, Wisconsin

... helps me understand more of what's at play

"I like the morning emails that include commentary on top happenings in the whole ag industry. That helps me understand more of what’s at play." -Kevin, South Dakota

... tells us what's in it for us, the farmer

"I quote your newsletter all the time. Your insight from Washington is usually dead on and I like the way you go through the potential new legislation to tell us what’s in it for us , the farmer." -Craig, Nebraska

... helps me make the best decisions on marketing

"I'm very pleased with the amount of information that you send out to help me make the best decisions on marketing my wheat crop." -Randy, Idaho

... helps keep me focused

"It helps keep me focused on the elements in the mix as I make decisions, in particular as they relate to marketing." -Paul, Iowa

... my #1 market news source

"It's my #1 market news source, and right now the only news source I can trust, thank you very much." -Roger, Wisconsin

... valuable in understanding markets 

"I like the on-time analysis and thoroughness of reports/newsletters...found information based upon clear analysis and research of markets and farming/agriculture industry. As a very low-level farm owner (limited acreage) without huge stakes in market and future predictions, I have found Pro Farmer valuable in understanding markets and ability to make good decisions even with limited marketing odds/stakes. I also like that the analyses offer greater than grain market perspective with an understanding/insight into the economy, government action/anticipations and impact on general market. I come from a long-term farm family (with limited current ownership), but love "managing" markets and know the current trends in agriculture.  Thank you!" -Gail, Illinois

... very clear and concise

"I like your format and your recommendations, very clear and concise." -Dave, Virginia

... no fluff & NO ADS!

"Lots of good info in a quick read format. No fluff and NO ADS!!!" -Jenn, Iowa

... helps you understand daily market movements

"Pro Farmer provides great content related to fundamental activity and commodity chart technical information that effect the primary ag markets. I also like the timely updates through the day that can help you understand the daily market movements. Also, I like that the editors are available to answer questions that members may have about the markets. The Crop Tour has become an important measure of the crop progress every year." -Michael, Iowa

... understands what I need

"Pro Farmer understands what I need." -Mark, South Dakota

... an overall good value

"I like the weekly newsletter, short but packed with useful information. I also like the opening and closing daily emails & the website. It's an overall good value." -Tim, Wisconsin

... depend on your marketing recommendations

"I very much depend on your marketing recommendations, as I need to have some consistent programs to hang my hat on. The early morning report also gives a jump start on the day, not only for ag related details, but also general newsworthy reports that likely will have impact on the ag world." -Ken, Illinois

... leads to smart marketing decisions

"Very timely and informative advice that leads to smart marketing decisions." -Thomas, Montana

... the best farm advisory service I know

"You are the best farm advisory service I know." -William, Illinois

... feel you are working to help me

"You give info and advice that I need. . . I feel you are working to help me." -Mark, Iowa