2021 Pro Farmer Crop Tour Schedule

Monday, Aug. 16th South Dakota & Ohio Results
Tuesday, Aug. 17th Nebraska & Indiana Results
Wednesday, Aug. 18th Western Iowa & Illinois Results
Thursday, Aug. 19th Tour Finale with final Iowa & Minnesota Results

HPro Farmer Crop Tourosted by Chip Flory, Clinton Griffiths and Tyne Morgan, the nightly meetings will include scouting reports and observations from both the Eastern and Western tours, state-by-state results, historical insights and more. More Crop Tour information.

  • The Pro Farmer Crop Tour's primary goal is to provide the industry with accurate growing season information about likely corn and soybean yields at the state and regional levels during the upcoming harvest season.
  • Results from Crop Tour have a big impact on Pro Farmer's Annual Crop Production Estimate released on Friday, 8/20. But, observations from Crop Tour can be just as important as the data itself.

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