Corn, wheat export inspections drop

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USDA’s Weekly Grain Export Inspections

Week Ended March 10, 2022


Actual (MT)


Expectations (MT)



Export inspections decreased 437,319 MT from last week’s figure. Inspections are running 14.2% behind year-ago, which compares to 11.3% behind last week. USDA projects exports in 2021-22 at 2.425 billion bu., 11.9% below the previous marketing year.


Actual (MT)


Expectations (MT)



Export inspections were down 120,843 MT from the previous week’s figure, which was increased 59,724 MT from the original figure. Shipments are running 16.5% behind year-ago, which compares to 15.1% behind last week. USDA projects exports in 2021-22 at 810 million bu., down 18.3% from the previous marketing year.


Actual (MT)


Expectations (MT)



Export inspections increased 4,045 MT from last week’s tally, which was increased 2,424 MT. Inspections are running 21.0% behind year-ago, compared to 21.6% last week. USDA’s 2021-22 export forecast of 2.050 billion bu. is 9.5% below 2020-21.


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