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The PRICE Futures Group provides an array of full service brokerage, trading, asset management, hedging & risk management, and financial consulting services to clients throughout the United States, South America, Canada, Asia/Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

With our headquarters based in the Chicago Board of Trade Building, the firm also operates branch offices in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Vancouver BC (Canada).

The PRICE Futures Group was founded in 1988 by Walter Thomas Price III, professional trader and active agricultural hedger. Mr. Price, originally from Amarillo Texas, was a cattle ranch and feedlot owner. The origins of the firm stem from hedging livestock and grains in the futures markets. The firm today implements leading-edge technology and proprietary strategies to offer commodity producers, processors, and manufacturers with new ideas in the risk management arena, as well as a robust basket of trading tools for commodity market speculators. The firm today still maintains a large agricultural trading and risk management office in Amarillo, Texas.

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