Drought Worsens in the Plains and Eastern Corn Belt

Posted on Thu, 10/15/2020 - 11:06

Drought conditions spread or intensified over the past week across the Plains and into Missouri and the eastern Corn Belt. Drought/abnormal dryness is also widespread in the western Corn Belt and especially Iowa.

Today’s National Drought Monitor says, “A dry pattern continued this past week over large portions of the continental United States, with a few exceptions being areas impacted by Hurricane Delta or its remnants, parts of the Upper Midwest and middle Missouri River Valley, and parts of the Northeast. … Degradations or persistence of ongoing drought was common in parts of the Midwest, Great Plains, and West that received little or no precipitation this week. Temperatures this week [the week ending Oct. 13] were warmer than normal across most of the Lower 48.”

Today’s update shows 45.7% of the Midwest is impacted by drought/abnormal dryness, a 2.5-point increase from the week prior. Nearly all (98.3%) of the High Plains are impacted by some form of drought/dryness with Colorado and Wyoming being the hardest-hit.

Hurricane Delta brought above-normal rainfall to east Texas through Mississippi, southeast Arkansas and southern Tennessee. In other areas of the South conditions remained dry and existing areas of drought expanded.

Drought Monitor

Drought change map