Cold Storage Report Shows Contra-seasonal Drop in Pork Supplies

Posted on Thu, 05/21/2020 - 15:34

USDA reports there were 490.0 million lbs. of beef in the nation’s freezers as of April 30, a 12.3 million-lb. (2.5%) decline from the end of March but a 59.8 million-lb. (13.9%) increase from year-ago. The month-to-month drop exceeded the five-year average decline of 6.8 million pounds.

Frozen pork supplies stood at 614.8 million lbs. at the end of April, which was a 1.9-million-lb. (0.3%) decline from March versus the usual 26.8-million-lb. increase during the month. Frozen pork stocks were down 6.6 million lbs. (1.1%) from April 2019 levels.

Total frozen poultry supplies climbed 45.5 million lbs. (3.5%) during April to 1.356 billion pounds. That was near steady with year-ago levels.