Southern Plains Drought Shrinks... a Little

Posted on Thu, 05/21/2020 - 11:02

Rains across the Southern Plains allowed the drought footprint to shrink a little during the week ended May 19. But the U.S. Drought Monitor shows some form of dryness/drought remains across 77% of Colorado (including moderate to extreme drought over much of the eastern part of the state), 52% of Kansas (including some severe and extreme drought in southwestern areas), 38% of Texas (including much of the panhandle) and 28% of Oklahoma (including most of the western third of the state).

The monitor notes that cool conditions dominated the Midwest over the past week, and a slow-moving storm brought several inches of rain to eastern areas.

But the monitor also points out, “There are several dry pockets in the region, and areas of Wisconsin, Minnesota and northeast Iowa all had abnormally dry conditions expand this week due to the dryness over the short-term. Abnormally dry conditions were also expanded over southeast Iowa and into northwest Missouri.” Today’s update shows 26% of Iowa is now impacted by abnormal dryness, a 5-point gain from last week. Southern Nebraska is also covered by abnormally dry conditions. Cool temps have prevented drought from developing, but the situation is being monitored.

Drought Monitor