NWS Calls for an Indian Summer

Posted on 10/17/2019 11:00 AM

Two bouts of cold weather in late September and early October ended the growing season across much of the western and central Corn Belt. So the National Weather Service (NWS) extended outlook calling for increased chances for above-normal temps won’t extend the growing season in those areas.

But it does give some hope for improved harvest conditions through late fall. NWS expects above-normal temperatures across all but the far northwestern corner of the country during November. Above-normal temps are likely to continue through January aside from the northern and central Corn Belt, where “equal chances” of normal, above-normal and below-normal temps are likely during late fall and early winter.

NWS gives above-normal odds for wet weather from southern South Dakota through much of Kansas during November. It also favors dry weather for some of the Gulf states, but not Texas. But otherwise, the weather service provides little guidance regarding November precip.

Its three-month outlook gives higher odds for wet conditions on the Northern and Central Plains, the western Corn Belt and into Illinois and Wisconsin.

NWS extended forecast

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