Miners Disrupting the Flow of Goods on Brazil’s Soybean Highway

Posted on 09/17/2019 4:14 PM

Traffic jam on Brazil's BR-163Another group of disgruntled people are blocking traffic along the Brazil’s key BR-163 highway, according to South American Crop Consultant Dr. Michael Cordonnier. He details that small miners/prospectors who try to make a living illegally mining/prospecting for gold and diamonds have blocked the highway for six hours at a time, let traffic flow for an hour, and then block it for another six hours for three days last week, causing traffic jams as long as 50 kilometers in both directions.

They have a number of demands, including declaring their mining activities legal and a loosening of environmental rules.

The protestors are blocking the highway because they know doing so will get immediate attention since it is the only highway connecting central Brazil to the Amazon river. As a result, Cordonnier says this major artery for the transport of agriculture goods is a “lightning rod” for such protests.

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