A Weak El Niño Takes Hold

Posted on 02/14/2019 10:41 AM

Weak El Niño conditions are present, and the pattern will likely continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring, according to the Climate Prediction Center. Specifically, CPC says there is a 56% chance the pattern will continue through the March to May timeframe. That’s actually down from its January forecast where the center gave 77% odds an El Nino pattern would persist through May.

Looking farther out, CPC explains that “because forecasts through the spring tend to be more uncertain and/or less accurate, the predicted chance that El Niño will persist beyond the spring is 50% or less.”

The center also says that due to the weak strength of this El Niño, “widespread or significant global impacts are not anticipated.” However, it does add that some areas may be affected by the pattern in the months ahead.

CPC El Nino forecast

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