Rains Seen Easing Dry Spots in Argentina and Brazil; More Showers Needed in South Africa

Posted on 12/10/2018 12:09 PM

Scattered showers occurred across La Pampa, Buenos Aires, and southern Entre Rios over the weekend in Argentina. Widespread, heavy rainfall is expected across Argentina this week, which should replenish soil moisture across the region, according to Radiant Solutions.

However, the forecast has trended wetter in Santa Fe and Entre Rios, where as much as six inches of rain are now expected. This will likely lead to some flooding and delayed plantings. Conditions should be favorable for crops elsewhere, Kyle Tapley, senior meteorologist at Radiant said. Rains will continue across northern areas during next 10 days. About 9 percent of Argentina soy growing region was drier than normal the past 30 days, well below 89% a year earlier when drought sharply reduced production.

Rains favored northern Brazil again over the weekend, primarily in Mato Grosso, Goias, Minas Gerais, and Bahia. The rains maintained abundant soil moisture for corn and soybean growth across the far northern growing areas in Brazil, but also led to some soggy conditions in Bahia. In central and southern Brazil, mostly dry weather has prevailed over the past 10 days, allowing soil moisture to decline notably. Dry weather is expected to continue across central and southern Brazil this week, which will begin to lead to some crop stress before rains return to southern Brazil next week, Tapley said. About 27% of Brazil’s soybeans were drier than normal the past 30 days, slightly below 28% a year earlier.

Rain favored most of the corn belt in South Africa over the weekend, except for the far western areas, Tapley said. The heaviest amounts occurred in eastern areas, leading to significant improvements in soil moisture for the corn crop. More rain is expected in the eastern region next week. Dry weather is expected this week will allow soil moisture to decline again and increase crop stress, particularly in western areas.

Rain favored the UK, France, Germany, Poland, Czech-Slovak Republics, northern Hungary, northern Romania, and former Yugoslavia over the weekend. Recent rainfall across France and Germany has led to notable improvements in soil moisture, Tapley said. Dryness is still lingering across portions of eastern Europe. Light and scattered showers are expected across most of Europe this week, with snow expected in eastern Europe. Colder weather will prevail later this week, but no winterkill is expected.

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