Heart of the Country Free of Drought

Posted on 10/03/2019 11:24 AM

Drought Change map“Heat and dryness have continued setting the stage for rapidly developing drought, impacting mainly agricultural sectors right now,” according to today’s National Drought Summary for the week ending Oct. 1, 2019. The report notes warm temperatures dominated the eastern two thirds of the country, while cool temperatures affected western areas of the country. Dry weather dominated the southern Plains, southern Midwest and most of the east coast.

The result was expansion/intensification of drought across much of Texas and the southeast quadrant of the country and into the far eastern Corn Belt. Sixty-three percent of Indiana is impacted by drought and 80.6% of Ohio. But most of the dryness in those two states falls in the mildest “abnormal dryness” category. Drought is expanding and intensifying rapidly in Kentucky.

Drought also expanded its reach in Texas, with 68% of the state now covered by some form of drought and more of that dryness falling in the “extreme drought” category. But the HRW wheat production-heavy panhandle region benefited from some drought-easing rains.

A strong line of thunderstorms brought significant rains to Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. This helped to ease dryness in southeast Iowa, central Illinois and northern Indiana. The western Corn Belt, Central Plains and Illinois are largely free of drought.

Drought Monitor

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