Grassley Will Call on Pruitt to Step Down if He Continues to Push Slashing Ethanol Use

Posted on 05/15/2018 12:35 PM

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) joined the chorus of voices criticizing EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, calling for him to step down if he does not adhere to promises to make sure blend levels match those set by Congress via the Renewable Fuels Standard, specifically the 15 billion gallon ethanol blending mandate.

Today, he tweeted the following: “I’ve supported Pruitt[,] but if he pushes changes to RFS that permanently cut ethanol by billions of gallons[,] he will have broken Trump promise & he should step down & let someone else do the job of implementing Trump agenda if he refuses … Pruitt sh[ou]ld work hard to make sure he doesn’t undercut the president’s support of ethanol.

He expressed similar sentiments on a conference call with ag reporters today.

Its cotton planting forecast also tops USDA’s by 500,000 acres at 14.0 million acres.

Spring wheat (other than durum) acres will likely come in around 12.4 million acres, according to Informa. This would be 200,000 acres lighter than USDA forecasts.

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