CPC Calls for a Warm Fall

Posted on 08/15/2019 10:51 AM

Long-term weatherDelayed plantings across the Midwest and slow crop development means a warm, lengthy fall is a must for getting crops to the finish line this year. Today’s long-term weather update from the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) signals that is a possibility. It gives above-normal odds for warm temperatures September through November across the country, easing concerns (for now) that a “normal” freeze could cut the growing season short.  

The precipitation outlook for the next three months favors wet conditions across the Dakotas, Nebraska, Minnesota and northwest Iowa. There are equal chances for above-, below- and normal weather across other Midwest states and the central and southern Plains.

CPC’s one-month weather update for September is a bit vaguer. The weather watcher gives above-normal odds for cool weather in the Dakotas and wet weather for much of the western Corn Belt. But CPC issued basically a non-forecast for the eastern Belt and the southeast half of Iowa, where dryness is a concern.  

Areas outside of the Dakotas also have equal chances of above-, below- and normal temperatures next month.

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