Classical Swine Fever Found in Remote Area of Brazil

Posted on 10/09/2018 11:15 AM

Brazil’s ag ministry announced it has confirmed an outbreak of “classical swine fever” in the northeastern state of Ceará. The outbreak was on a family-owned pig farm “with no links to commercial establishments,” according to Brazil’s government, with the meat trade group ABPA saying the virus poses no risk to the country’s pork production as the case was confirmed 2,175 miles away from the main producing regions of southern Brazil.

Ceará was not one of the states considered free of the disease by the World Organization for Animal Health, so the ag ministry says the news should not impact pork trade. ABPA also says classical swine fever is “notoriously less severe” than African swine fever.  

But it’s worth noting that Japan also reported a case of classical swine fever this week, prompting China, which is dealing with its own outbreak of ASF, to ban pigs, wild boars and products from the country.

Brazil is working to make sure the highly contagious virus does not spread from the farm where it was found, and the Brazilian government has strengthened checks of food products by passengers at the country’s busiest São Paulo international airport.

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