China Imports Breeding Pigs from Denmark

Posted on 10/09/2019 1:15 PM

P. Pokhand Co., China’s fifth largest pig producer, imported 906 breeding pigs from Denmark, China’s customs website said today. This marks the country’s first import of live pigs in a year. The animals arrived via a charter flight in August and spent over a month in quarantine in central Hubei province. The spread of African swine fever over the past year has cut demand for breeding animals.

 The virus has halved China’s massive pig herd, according to a number of analysts, but producers are now working to expand operations and capitalize on the situation. The Chief Executive of C.P. told Reuters last month it plans to raise 10 million pigs a year by 2021, a dramatic increase from its current production of 4 million pigs.

Only a few countries are allowed to export live swine to China.

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