South Dakota Cropland Marks Small Annual Gain

Posted on 08/19/2018 5:06 PM

The average value of an acre of South Dakota cropland rose a slim 0.9% gain versus 2017, according to the South Dakota State University. It's 2018 Farm Real Estate Survey conducted by SDSU Extension Specialists Jack Davis and Shannon Sand, note slim increase halts a three-year decline in cropland values. This year's state average price of $3,937 is down 12% from the peak posted in 2014.

The small statewide increase came despite wide differences in price trends across the state. The nortwest region marked a 19.9% upward burst, reaching an average of $1,369 and acre. That was followed by a 14.2% surge in the southeast region, which reports an average value of $6,361 an acre. However, the southwest region reports a decline of 15.4% to an average value of $1,207 an acre. That is followed by a 12.3% decrease from the north central region, which lists an average value of $3,534.

Pasture/rangeland values, meanwhile, rose 3% on an annual basis to an average price of $1,252 an acre. But again, values varied widely across the state. The northwest region reports a 20.2% increase to an average of $781 an acre. That's followed by a 15.5% gain in the southeast region to $2,829 an acre. The central region, however, lists a 10.2% decrease, to an average value of $1,718 an acre.


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