Weekly Farm Fuels Bulletin | Diesel Drips Lower Amid Production Hike

Posted on 08/14/2018 12:06 PM


Farm Diesel

  • Farm diesel fell a penny per gallon on the week.diesel price chart
  • Most states were unchanged with Michigan falling a nickel as Nebraska dropped 4 cents per gallon.
  • Front-month WTI crude oil futures are stepping down gingerly and have, for the time being, rejected moves above key $70.
  • According to EIA, national distillate stocks are firming as refiners increase production runs. Stocks are, however, still at the very bottom end of the five-year average range.
  • Our farm diesel/heating oil futures spread indicates mild near-term upside risk (see chart at bottom). But if refiners continue to produce fuels at their current pace, the upside will be limited, especially in light of softening WTI futures.


  • Our regional average propane price is unchanged on the week with all states except Nebraska posting no change.
  • Nebraska propane added 2 cents per gallon to a statewide average of $1.14.
  • According to EIA, U.S. propane stocks are on the rise and are making progress into the 5-year average supply range.

Week-over Change
Current Week
Farm Diesel
-1 cent
Farm Diesel

Our farm diesel/heating oil futures spread compares the weekly average retail farm diesel price with front-month heating oil futures as of the close on the previous Friday. A move below the "line in the sand" indicates pending upside risk. A move above our "line in the sand" indicates downside potential.

heating oil futures spread chart


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