Cool, Wet Summer Likely for the Corn Belt & Central Plains

Posted on 06/20/2019 11:01 AM

The Climate Prediction Center’s one-month temperatures outlook favors cool, wet conditions across the bulk of the Midwest and the Central Plains, with the greatest odds of wet weather in the western Corn Belt. Wet conditions could limit remaining soybean planting efforts and create germination problems for late-planted crops.

The wet, cool outlook also raises concerns about harvest of the HRW wheat crop. Harvest is off to a late start as crop development has lagged all season. That means producers may have to dodge rains to get crops out of fields, with quality and yield loss a possibility.

The cool, wet outlook shifts a bit to the west over the 90-day timeframe, catching the Western Corn Belt, Central Plains and Illinois. Given the late start to the growing season, this raises concern about whether there will be enough growing degree days before the first hard frost. Wet conditions could also breed disease.

30 and 90-day forecast

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