Minnesota Soybeans Lower than Expected

Posted on 08/23/2019 10:08 AM

by Sonja Begemann

The Minnesota crop looks average, at best, according to Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour western leg lead Jeff Wilson. On his 11 stops today, he didn’t see a single corn field over 200 bu. per acre and soybeans failed to impress, too.

“They’re average looking crops and beans were a little lower than expected,” Wilson says. “We hit 199 in some fields, but the green snap really hurt some fields. We ended with an average of about 170 [bu. per acre in corn] on 11 stops.”

Of the 11 stops he made, six had green snap and three of the fields with green snap had significant damage. Soybeans aren’t in perfect shape either. They’re behind and in many cases, he says, the pods are flat and he didn’t see any blooms.

“Beans still need time, sunshine, dry weather,” Wilson says. “We’re starting to see disease, relatively immature, plenty of soil moisture, but you’re gonna need 5 weeks to get those beans home and in good shape.”

He spent his day in western Iowa yesterday and has been in Minnesota all day today. Of the Iowa crop?

“It’s definitely not terrible,” Wilson said on AgriTalk today.

'Not terrible’ on the western side, that is. According to Pro Farmer Editor Brian Grete, who leads the eastern leg of the tour, the Iowa crop has been disappointing.

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