Argentine Farmers Strike, Unhappy with New Limits on Corn Exports

Posted on Mon, 01/11/2021 - 12:13

Argentine farmers today launched a 72-hour ban on sales crops, despite a decision by Argentina’s government to end the two-month suspension on corn exports and to instead temporarily limit daily corn exports to 30,000 MT. The country’s main farm groups are not happy with the new trade-restricting policy, either.

The Argentine Rural Confederation reiterated its assertion that “this kind of government intervention in the market alters the rules and undermines growers' confidence, generating uncertainty about next season's sowing.” And David Hughes, a corn and soy grower in Buenos Aires, told Reuters, “grains cargo ships can carry up to 45,000 MT per loading, so exporting 30,000 MT a day would be ridiculous.”

It's still unclear how long the cap on daily exports will be in place.