From the Rows | Day 3 — Emily Carolan (West)

Posted on 08/22/2019 1:26 AM

From the Rows- Emily Carolan

Our great scouts wrapped up the third day of the crop tour by making our way south to norther across western Iowa in crop districts 1, 4, and 7.

Pioneer Agronomist, Nick Hanson, warned the group in Spencer, IA tonight that some late-season diseases are starting to show up in both corn and soybeans. Gray leaf spot, bacterial leaf blight, white mold and SDS were the main diseases this area may face. Scouts did mention nitrogen loss in western Iowa corn fields and thought it may be contributing to tip back issues we saw consistently throughout the districts.

The corn crop we scouted today was a good crop. What my perspective of this crop is, is it might not get much bigger even if we would have a perfect finish and slow cook it into fall with no chance of frost. The reason being is the small stalks, the onset of disease happening right now, the somewhat immature crop we saw has a lot of negatives on the wrong side of the equation for a perfect finish. It will take a lot to make a bigger crop than last year, but with the crop we found it isn’t out of the realm of reality and perfect weather.

The bean fields were not far off from our normal maturity average and were coming along nicely. The one issue- as we were driving throughout the day, we saw two crews pulling weeds in bean fields. The weed pressure right now is a sign that residuals have worn off and applications couldn’t be completed at the right time. Now, it being the later part of August, the escapes are very apparent and you can tell the struggle of spring is taking its toll. The bean crop was very average but has the chance of having similar issues as the corn does with the disease pressure that could put a damper on the Iowa bean crop.

Tomorrow we will make our way into Minnesota on the western leg of the tour where we will scout the bottom third of the state. We will wrap up the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour by meeting the eastern scout team in Rochester for our final night.

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