Drought Introduced in Northern Indiana and Ohio

Posted on 03/09/2017 10:22 AM

Drought expanded by a minor 0.63 percentage points across the Midwest this week, with a slight expansion in Iowa and introduction of abnormally dry conditions in northern Indiana and Ohio. A three-and-one-half-point expansion was noted across the High Plains compared to last week, centered over northern areas.


"Continued dryness has brought an expansion of D0 in central and south central Iowa, while two plus inches of rain led to the removal of D0 in the northeastern part of the state. Similar accumulations in Minnesota’s Arrowhead Region also erased D0 there," notes the monitor. "Farther east, short-term dryness combined with well-below-normal stream flow values (tenth percentile or less) and well-above-normal temperatures (6 to 8 degrees) led to the introduction of D0 near the tri-point marker of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio."


Ridge develops
The forecast for June 9 through 16 calls for hot and relatively dry conditions as a ridge moves across the Great Plains, Mississippi Valley, Ohio Valley and Southeast. "Significant rainfall accumulations are expected across the upper Midwest as thunderstorms move through the region," it notes. "The National Weather Service seven-day forecast also calls for dryness across much of California and northwestern Montana and accumulations of generally less than a half an inch across the lower elevations of the West."

The Climate Prediction Center 6-10 day outlooks call for a continuation of above normal temperatures June 14-18 across the western two-thirds of the contiguous U.S. and relief to the recent warmth in the Pacific Northwest and New England. "As for precipitation, the odds favor above-normal accumulations in the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest and the South while the Plains and Northeast are likely to be below normal," it states.





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