Big Week-to-week Gain in Corn Planting, With Iowa Leading the Charge

Posted on Mon, 05/03/2021 - 16:05

Corn planting surged 29 percentage points over the past week to 46% complete, which was two points more advanced than analysts polled by Reuters anticipated, on average. Progress is now 10 percentage points ahead of the five-year average and just two points behind last year’s pace.

Iowa led the Midwest with a 49-point surge in corn planting progress the seven days ending May 2, with 69% of the crop now in the ground, compared with 45% planted on average for this date. Other key producing states also made big strides, with Illinois pushing planting to 54% complete (49% on average), Indiana advancing planting to 32% complete (27% on average), Kansas now at 36% planted (41% on average), Minnesota jumping to 60% seeded (32%), Nebraska at 42% planted (36%) and South Dakota at 25% planted (13% for the five-year average).

USDA reports that as of Sunday, 8% of the crop had emerged, which is a percentage point behind year-ago.


Solid advance in soybean planting

Soybean planting advanced 16 percentage points over the past week to 24% complete, which is well ahead of 11% finished for this time of year on average and 21% planted last year at this time. Planting progress was a percentage point lighter than analysts anticipated, on average. Progress is well ahead of average across the major producing states. Illinois is at 41% planted (14% for the five-year average), with Iowa at 43% planted (14%), Indiana at 24% (11%), Minnesota at 23% (9%), Missouri at 10% (8%), Nebraska at 20% (12%) and South Dakota at 8% (3%).


Spring wheat planting nears half complete

Farmers also made big strides planting spring wheat, with progress jumping 21 percentage points to 49% complete. That’s 17 percentage points ahead of the five-year average for this date. North Dakota has now seeded 42% of its crop (20% on average), with Montana at 33% planted (34%) and Minnesota 72% seeded (27% on average). Fourteen percent of that wheat had emerged as of Sunday, which is four points ahead of the average for this time of year.  


Winter wheat rating dips again

As expected, USDA trimmed the amount of winter wheat it rates “good” to “excellent” a percentage point to 48%. It continues to rank 19% of the crop “poor” to “very poor.” Last year at this time, 55% of the crop fell in the top two categories.

As of Sunday, 27% of the crop was headed, which is seven points behind the five-year average for this point in the season. That includes 12% of the Kansas crop, with frosts/freezes possible through mid-month.


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Cotton planting picks up a bit

Cotton planting pushed four points ahead to 16% complete as of Sunday, which is right in line with the five-year average pace. Texas has seeded 19% of its intended acres, which is three percentage points more advanced than normal for this time of year. Georgia has planted 13% of its crop versus the usual 14%.