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Classic Entry level option includes the weekly Pro Farmer Newsletter and website access.  
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Includes: weekly Pro Farmer Newsletter, website access, Pro Farmer Advice Alerts, Grain Outlook Reports, Washington Updates Special Reports, Tax Strategy Report, Annual Land Report.  
$479 per year
VIP Includes all of the Preferred benefits PLUS: LandOwner Newsletter, Commodity Prices Text Quotes, Pro Farmer Today - premium email service. 
$699 per year
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“I compared the VIP package with DTN service on a month trial basis. I called DTN to ask for analyst and told me they don’t do that. I called Pro Farmer  and asked for analyst, and he was very willing to talk to me for a decent amount of time. I really liked that feature and took the VIP package after that!"

          - Ralph, Illinois

When you become a Pro Farmer Member, you're getting more than a weekly newsletter subscription. Pro Farmer is about giving Members the information they need to make the right management and marketing decisions for their farm. By recognizing the urgency in this information, Pro Farmer selects only the most important news and information, and provides rock-solid analysis to help you make those tough marketing decisions. 

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About Pro Farmer
Relied on by farmers for generations, Pro Farmer provides trusted news, analysis and marketing advice to assist you in managing your risk and protecting your profits. Unlike other marketing services, Pro Farmer is not a brokerage firm, which means you get unbiased information and advice - we have nothing to gain when you trade.

  • The acknowledged leader in farm policy coverage.
  • Daily news, commentary and analysis.
  • Global view of potential market impacts on your operation.
  • Mid-week marketing plan updates.
  • Open line to talk to an editor or analyst (not a broker!)
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Pro Farmer Newsletter (weekly) $369 check_mark check_mark check_mark and Pro Farmer Live email (daily) $369 check_mark check_mark check_mark
First Thing Today and After the Bell
daily email summaries
$229   check_mark check_mark
Grain Outlook Reports $179   check_mark check_mark
Washington Updates Reports $179   check_mark check_mark
Annual Land Report $119   check_mark check_mark
Pro Farmer Advice Alerts and 
Monday Morning Wake Up Call
$219   check_mark check_mark
Commodity Text Quotes $159     check_mark
Pro Farmer Today  premium email service: Market Snapshots $599     check_mark
LandOwner Newsletter $249     check_mark
Annual Membership Dues $399 $479 $699

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