Welcome to the New ProFarmer.com!

By: Julianne Johnston

April  21,  2014

Welcome to the new profarmer.com! More information is available below the video.


Make sure you have downloaded the most current version of your favorite web browser. To help make this transition go as smoothly as possible, we have transferred usernames and passwords from the “old” site to the new platform.

In the header above on the right side, you see “Log In.” Enter your current username and password, click “Remember me on this computer” and you are set! If you forgot your username and/or password, click on the blue text and enter the email address associated with your Pro Farmer account. We’ll email you your login information.

After you login, you will see “My Pro Farmer” and “Logout” replace “Log In.” Your current subscription information is available under “My Pro Farmer.” You can renew or update your Membership right from your computer. If you’d like, we can safely store your credit card information for future purchases and renewals.

Next to “Log In” is “Contact Us.” You can choose who your question is directed to, type in your question and select your preferred contact method (email or phone) and enter your name. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible or you can still call us with your questions.

As you browse the site, one of the first things you will likely notice are Pro Farmer video and audio reports. We record reports on a regular basis and now they are front-and-center for you to view without searching for them. Our “top headlines” are also on the homepage, but you will want to look at the blue navigation tabs on the top of the page to find your favorite columns.

Under “News & Analysis” you will see “Policy” and “Commodities.” Members recognize news that moves the markets or impacts farm policy is covered by Pro Farmer. We designed the tabs so Members can find that information more easily, and to give non-Members a better idea of what we do.

Under “Perspective & Opinion” you will see names of editors. If you want to see all the stories that Jim Wiesemeyer has written recently, just click on his name. Under “more,” you will see the rest of the editors in case you want to follow a certain news feed.

Under “Pro Farmer Services” you will find your subscription services, including Inputs Monitor, Pro Farmer Today, Special Reports and more. Important: In the very near future, the emails we send to alert you a newsletter is available will require you to log in to profarmer.com to view the information. While our services are copyright protected, we have discovered our emails are being forwarded, which is a violation of the copyright. We hope you understand our desire to make sure the copyright is not violated.

Other new features
On the homepage under “Market Reports,” make sure you check out of the “Cash Sales Monitor.” When you click on “read more” you are taken to an article explaining our marketing strategy. Look for “Pro Farmer Members: Click here for your midweek marketing game plan update.” This story will be updated every Wednesday afternoon.

Your Pro Farmer editors also have new columns launching with the site. Chip Flory is writing “Headline Risk,” Julianne Johnston is writing “AgKnowledgement” and Meghan Pedersen is writing “Rules & Regs.” We will also be adding new columns from outside writers, including “Cash is King” from Angie Maguire and “Canadian Perspective” from Pro Farmer Canada Editor Mike Jubinville. On the “Chip Flory” page you will also get a sneak peak into the Market Rally radio studio for a video clip from his afternoon show.

Special offer: For a limited time, Pro Farmer Members can access Technical Consultant Jim Wyckoff’s new service: “Wyckoff’s Market Rating.” This new charting service is included in the Pro Farmer VIP package, but Classic and Preferred Members will be given access to this service for two weeks to get an idea of how this service can help in timing your marketing decisions.

Not a Pro Farmer Member? Click on "Log in" and fill out a new user registration for limited access to Pro Farmer news and analysis.