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Increase your marketing knowledge & improve your strategies with the Pro Farmer Marketing Education Series. Each workbook includes a DVD with Pro Farmer Editor, Chip Flory personally guiding you step-by-step through real world marketing scenarios. From beginners to advanced strategies, it's a resource every grower should have. Click here to order!

Chapter 1: Assessing And Managing Risk Chapter 2: Become A Better Cash Marketer
Chapter 3: Fundamentals of Hedging Chapter 4: Advanced Marketing Strategies

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Your starting point on the journey to improve your marketing  skills. Includes 20 jam packed pages of explanations, terminology and advice. The 1 hour DVD is a personal, one-on-one session with real questions and answers that you can learn from and apply immediately to your marketing strategy. 

Includes a free marketing toolbox poster!

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Chapter 2 Cover

Take the concepts you learned in chapter one, and we'll put them to work in different real world marketing scenarios. Not just theory,"what if" examples of choices and the impact of your grain marketing decisions. It is recommended to complete chapter one before beginning this chapter.

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      Plain talk that brings clarity to the what/how/when and why of options and futures. Topics include:

      • Flexible Marketing Strategies  
      • Your Decision Making Process  
      • Strong-Basis Hedging Strategies  
      • Weak-Basis Hedging Strategies  
      • and more!
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      An in-depth look at various ways to manage your risk and protect your profits. Topics include:

      • How to Analyze Charts
      • Marketing Strategies for a Bull Market
      • Selling Options
      • Covered Calls
      • Call Spreads and Put Spreads
      • and more!
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      Every complete set includes a free glossary of key marketing terms!

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