Get key moves to protect your rights as a land owner, plus, you'll receive insight into practical ways to handle land ownership transfer from one generation to the next. A "must have" resource for both operating farmers and landlords.

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With LandOwner you will:LandOwner Cover

  • Be able to monitor the value of farmland you own or are preparing to purchase through the regular updates in LandOwner.
  • Track trends in cash rents in your area through LandOwner's survey of cash rent trends.
  • Know the financial impact on the value of your farmland of changes in farm policy.
  • Understand the cash-generating capability of your farmland through LandOwner's updates on corn, soybean and wheat price trends.
  • Measure the relative return of your farmland investment versus other investment options such as stocks, bonds and precious metals.
  • Stay ahead of key changes and opportunities in tax laws and estate tax laws that impact land ownership.

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This six-page publication is published twice per month and follows an easy to read format, allowing you to quickly find the information you need.

Pages 1-3: News alerts, analysis and insights on key trends in the economy, Washington policy, ag markets, farm land prices, cash rents, ownership transfer, and interesting farmland sales.

Page 4: Lists recent farmland sales.

Pages 5-6: Covers price trends in corn, soybeans and wheat - the underlying generators of cash for farmland.