Port of Parangua Embarks on Big Expansion Project

Posted on 07/11/2018 12:40 PM

After a 28-year wait, the Port of Paranagua has finally been given the green light to begin construction on a major expansion of its three public berths, South American Crop Consultant Dr. Michael Cordonnier reports. This port is Brazil’s second largest and the 177.6-million real ($45.93 million) project could triple the amount of grain exported through its public corridor. It is expected to be completed in 18 months (though Brazil is now stranger to project delays).

Increasing competition from ports in northern Brazil known as the “Northern Arc” helped finally get the project approved. And the project is expected to improve the competitiveness of ag products produced in Parana, Matos Grosso do Sul, Sao Paulo, Santa Catarina, and Paraguay.

Berth 201 will be expanded in order to handle larger vessels and berth 202 will be modernized,” explains Cordonnier. He continues, “The capacity of berth 201 would increase from its current capacity of 2 MMT per year to 6.5 MMT per year.   The expansion of berth 201 and the modernization of berth 202 would then allow for more efficient usage of berth 203.”

Cordonnier says that port authorities are hopeful the expanded dock facilities will eventually eliminate the long lines of vessels waiting to load grain during the peak export season.

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