Some Rains for Black Sea Region, Western Australia over the Weekend

Posted on 06/18/2018 1:46 PM

Australia precipitationAustralia precipSome needed showers fell in key wheat producing areas like the Black Sea region and Western Australia over the weekend, according to Tapley.

He details that showers favored western areas of Western Australia, eastern areas of South Australia, Victoria and southeastern New South Wales over the weekend.  And more showers are expected in Western Australia today. But dry weather is likely for the country the remainder of the week.

“As a result, dryness will remain widespread in Queensland and northern and central New South Wales, stressing the wheat crop,” Tapley continues.

Black Sea 72-hour accumulationIn the Black Sea region, Tapley reports that “Showers favored south central and southwestern Ukraine, eastern Belarus, and far western Central Region over the weekend … leading to additional improvements in soil moisture.”  

But he continues that dry weather persisted in southeast Ukraine and much of southern and western Russia, keeping stress on the country’s wheat, corn and sunflowers. In addition, temperatures also climbed in southeastern Ukraine and southern Russia over the weekend, Tapley details.

He continues that more warm, dry weather is likely for these areas this week, but light showers are a possibility over the 6 to 10-day timeframe.

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