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Enter your own 2015 Crop Tour measurements August 17 - 20.

Data Gathering Instructions:

  1. measuring earGo 35 paces into the field to start sampling.
  2. Measure row spacing and record.
  3. Measure a 30' plot, then count all ears in two rows in the plot. Record total.
  4. Pull the fifth, eighth and 11th ear off one row of the plot.
  5. Take corn ears out of the field.
  6. Measure the length of grain on each ear, average and record.
  7. Count the kernel rows on each ear (will be an even number), average and record.
Safety Warning: This procedure is safer if two people work together. If you are not experienced working in tall corn, go with someone who is experienced. Safety glasses, gloves and sturdy boots are recommended. To avoid getting lost in tall corn, tell someone where you will be, stay close to a road, keep your bearings and carry a cell phone. 

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