Warmer Weather Ahead

Posted on 10/18/2018 10:41 AM

Seasonal Drought OutlookThe National Weather Service’s extended weather outlook for November gives above-normal odds for warm temperatures across the Midwest, with equal chances for normal, above-normal and below-normal precipitation across the Midwest. At least on the temperature front, this would be a welcome change from recent cool temperatures that have slowed the dry down of fields after excessive rains the past several weeks.

The weather service calls for above-normal precipitation across the southern and eastern tier of the U.S., which would be a welcome change for Colorado, where dryness is still an issue. This would also continue to ease dryness in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, priming soils for good winter wheat germination and establishment—so long as rains are not excessive and farmers are able to get remaining acres in the ground.

The forecast for November through December is similar, with warm temps expected for the bulk of the country, with the exception of a band from the Gulf region of Texas to North Carolina where there are equal chances of normal, above- and below-normal temperatures. The southern U.S. is again expected to be wet, the northwest is expected to trend drier, and the remainder of the country has equal chances for normal, above-normal and below-normal precipitation.

The Climate Prediction Center’s Seasonal Drought Outlook for Oct. 18 through Jan. 31 calls for drought to persist across much of North Dakota, a stretch of north-central South Dakota and much of Colorado. But it offers little guidance for the remainder for other major producing regions of the Plains and Midwest.  

Long-term weather outlook from the NWS

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