U.S. Pushing for Better Market Access in China for its GM Crops

Posted on 05/23/2018 1:22 PM

As trade talks between China and the U.S. continue, the U.S. is pushing China for better access for imports of genetically modified crops into China, according to a Reuters exclusive report. This should come as no surprise, as this has been a U.S. priority for quite some time.

China does not permit the planting of GMO food crops, but it does allow the import of GMO corn and soybeans for use by its feed industry. However, the approval process for new GMO products is incredibly slow and unpredictable.

If better access for U.S. biotech crops is a top priority for negotiators, we would also expect the lowering of trade barriers stemming from restrictions on U.S. meats that are much more restrictive than international standards to be a major push.

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