Dryness to Persist in Heart of Argentina’s Corn and Soybean Growing Areas

Posted on 03/12/2018 11:33 AM

Rains fell in southern and eastern areas of Argentina over the weekend, with the best rains hitting southeastern La Pampa and southern Buenos Aires and “slightly” improving soil moisture, reports Don Keeney, senior ag meteorologist with Radiant Solutions. Bu he goes on to explain that rains in east central areas were too light to do much good.

Looking ahead, rains are expected to move back into far northeastern areas later this week, which should bring some improvement to northern Santa Fe and northern Entre Rios “However dryness will remain extensive across the heart of the corn and soybean areas in central Argentina,” Keeney explains.

Dryness is also a concern for the U.S. winter wheat crop. While Nebraska should see some welcome precip by week’s end, “dryness will remain extensive across much of Kansas, western Oklahoma, northwestern Texas and southeastern Colorado,” says Keeney. He adds that temperatures will likely warm across the Plains mid- to late-week. This will allow wheat to continue to break dormancy, according to Keeney.

In contrast, soils should dry out a bit through midweek for the southern Midwest and Delta, but after that more rain is expected over the next 10 days. Disease pressure remains a concern in the region, Keeney reports.

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